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Docko, Inc. is recognized as a source of expertise in all aspects of recreational and commercial marine design and construction. Our success and experience have been developed into a unique capability... complete and comprehensive services ranging from residential dock installation and reconstruction, to large-scale commercial and industrial site construction or expansion, including planning, design, engineering and construction.



The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers General Permit will expire on July 15, 2016. If you hold a US ACOE permit that will expire on this date, you will need to re-apply for a new permit which will be valid for 5 years, probably through July 15, 2021.

If the work authorized in your existing permit is currently under contract, or you have started work before July 15, 2016, the US ACOE will allow you to complete this work through July 15, 2017, otherwise, after July 15, 2016, a new Army Corps permit will be required to allow you to complete your project.

We will be happy to assist you in this regard. Presuming that you will require, or prefer assistance with either your existing permit, or obtaining a new one, please call us at (860) 572-8939 or email us at by June 20, 2016. If you are under contract, please let us know who the contractor is, the schedule to start, etc. and we will take care of the ACOE notifications.


Donítí delay. Contact us right away and weíll help you with your permitting requirements.


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The Mystic Harbor Management Commission wishes to express their sincere appreciation for the contribution you made to laying out the mooring grid for the turning basin. If it hadnít been for your advice and the work by Bill Cotter, we would not have been able to have all the moorings in place by the date needed. We also want to recognize and thank Bill for responding so quickly and professionally as our requirements kept changing. (Click here for Original pdf)

David Carreau - Chairman, Mystic Harbor Management Commission



I've been getting your emails and I got Keith's voicemail yesterday giving me the verbal update. As always, I'm constantly impressed with your firm's ability to follow through and continue to get results.   Thanks so much for all your work and keep me posted and things develop.

Sapia Builders, CT



I was doing the planning to get the family together for ďdock dayĒ next month to get the dock in at 104 Latimer Point. I thought about how difficult the permit process is and how we never would have been successful without the help of Docko (Keith, Bill, and Joan). Being able to re-use the same dock that we were forced to remove by the DEP is especially pleasing, as it was designed to overcome some of the natural obstacles (rocks, low water) and still be constructed so that we can remove it for the winter. Thank you again for your professionalism, and patience with us in some trying circumstances.

P&W Operational Commercial Engine Programs




I knew when Tammy and I told Brian to go to you we would get something professional and timely. Thank you both very much and enjoy the short holiday., Niantic, CT



Giantís Neck Beach in Niantic Connecticut has, like so many beaches along the Connecticut shoreline, suffered from a slow erosion due to varying effects ranging from a slow but constant littoral drift, storm patterns, and the steadily rising of the level of the sea due to global warming, whether caused by man or the natural cycles of nature or by a combination of both.

The sand on the beach at Giantís Neck has tended to shift westward along its length only to ten be washed seaward by a stream which enters the Long Island Sound forming a sand bar at its west end.  Many possible solutions for restoration of our beach were discussed with several resources.  The Giantís Neck Beach Association finally decided to contract with Docko, Incorporated of Mystic CT., experts in all aspects of recreational and commercial marine design and construction, to help us with our problem.    Their solution for our specific erosion issue was to harvest sand from this offshore sand deposit and redistribute it along the entire length of the beach. 

The bottom line is that with Docko leading the way with mapping and engineering insight as well as administrative expertise in dealing with the DEEP, The state department of Fisheries and other government bodies, we were able to secure the required permitting and have begun our projected 5 year plan for beach restoration.  Keith Neilson, president of Docko, and his entire staff have helped make a process, which also included review of bids and oversight of the sand harvesting, efficient and painless.  We are very pleased with their efforts and the preliminary results. 

Wick Mallory, Co-Chair, Giants Neck Beach Restoration task Force